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Refund Policy

Aleph Express shall fully refund all Advertising Services Fees, provided that the following criteria is met:

  1. You should ask for the refund in 14 days after you completed the purchase of Aleph Express’ Advertising Services;
  2. You didn’t commence with any advertising activities since the day of the purchase of Aleph Express’ Advertising Services, and the full amount of Advertising Services Fees remains unused;

In all other cases all refunds are made at Aleph’s sole discretion and without admission of liability. As a rule, Aleph is not refunding any amounts below 1000 BDT.

If you are eligible for the refund, Aleph shall return the amounts to the bank account that was used for the purchase of Advertising Services in a period which shall not be longer than 15 days.

For any additional questions regarding the refunds, please contact us at Help Center.

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